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Show Clothes

All prices for custom made clothing include any trim combination – there is no surcharge for 3rd color, piping, or ribbon. Details explained here are the standard, but we can customize and modify these if you have other preferences.

[title size=”2″]Scrims & Fly Nets[/title]
These first three items include braided tailcord and snap front closure.
They come standard with no surcingles.

Acrylic Scrim slide

Scrims & Fly Nets: Available Colors: Pricing:
Light Acrylic fly nets (navy, dk. green, white, royal, black) 183.00
Acrylic Scrim (navy, drk. green, black, white, grey, camel) 275.00
Poly/Cotton fly nets (call for color availability) 195.00


[title size=”2″]Anti-Sweat Sheets[/title]
All anti-sweats come with self fabric tail straps and snap front closures.
They come standard with no surcingles.

Anti-Sweat Sheets: Available Colors: Pricing:
Irish Anti Sweats (natural. Call for other colors available) 218.00
Eskadron Scrim Sheets (call for color availability) 218.00

***Eskadron scrims have been discontinued, but we still have stock available in some colors and will continue to offer them until our stock is depleted.

[title size=”2″]Wool Dress Sheets & Coolers[/title]
All wool dress sheets come with leather front buckle and braided tail cord. They come standard with no surcingles. *Deluxe piping or carved buckles available.

Wool Dress Sheets slide


Description: Pricing:
Melton & Flannel weight – dress sheet or square cooler 382.00
Double layer dress sheet – 2 layers of wool. Can both be the same for double weight,
or can have a different fabric, such as a plaid or herringbone, as one layer or the other.
Double, non-reversible: 489.00
Double, reversible:  553.00
**note: if you want monograms on both sides of reversible dress sheet, you must
order 2 monograms.
Wool Quarter sheets (no leather buckle) 177.00
quarter sheets available with or w/o girth slot and billet straps, or in “competition
style” which velcros in front of the saddle. We can also do cutouts under the
rider’s leg.


[title size=”2″]Rain Wear[/title]
**New: Waterproof/breathable rain clothes that are super lightweight.
Available now in Navy, Dark Green, Black.

All other colors are still available in the cordura nylon fabric we have always used.

Rain clothes are lined with cotton plaid. They have velcro front closures

Rain Wear slide

Description: Pricing:
Rain Sheets (shaped & lined) 293.00
Rain Quarter Sheets 177.00


[title size=”2″]Most Requested Custom Option for Show Clothes:[/title]

Custom Options slide

Description: Pricing:
Cotton Lining in Wools +48.00
Inside Surcingles or Belly straps added +18.75 each
Carved Leather Buckles (on wool dress sheets only) Starts at +235.00
 Deluxe Piping Starts at +96.50