Horse Clothing – Stable Clothes

Please specify your preference for straight or crossed surcingles when ordering stable clothes. If unspecified, Baker plaid items will have crossed surcingles, and all other stable clothes will have straight surcingles.

Stable Sheets
Stable Sheets slide

Ready Made Sheets: (made by Curvon)

Description: Price:
Original 5/A Baker Sheet 122.35


Custom Made Sheets:

Description: Price:
Poly/Cotton twill (8-10 oz.) 220.00
Traditional Tan Plaid Sheets w/custom trim 220.00


Stable Blankets
“Ready made” Blankets:
These are blankets made by Curvon. These are ordered by us, not kept in stock.

Description: Price:
Original 5/A Baker Blanket 197.95


Custom Made Blankets:
Made to your specifications. Made to measure or our stock sizes.
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**Witney supply in North America has been problematic. Call for Witney availability**

Description: Price:
Winter Parka 445.00
Our heaviest & warmest blanket. Outer shell is 1000-D Cordura Nylon that is water resistant.
Filler is a compressed fiber fill that is light & warm & will not break down. The lining is a
triple bonded fabric that is warm and will not cling to shavings.
Traditional Tan Plaid triple woven fabric – Any trim combination you desire. 289.85
Light Weight Blankets 380.00
Nylon Pack Cloth. They are filled with fiber fill and have a light cotton lining.
Perfect top rug over a Witney, or for use in warmer climates.
Witney Squares Traditional Gold with Stripe

What Comes “Standard” on My Stable Clothes?

These notes apply only to items made by The Clothes Horse. These can be modified to suit your personal preferences.

[title size=”2″]Sheets: 2 Nylon front buckles[/title]

  • 2 Straight surcingles (X surcingles standard ontraditional plaid sheets)
  • Any trim colors/layout

[title size=”2″]Blankets: 2 Nylon front buckles[/title]

  • 2 Straight surcingles (X surcingles standard on traditional plaid blankets)
  • Dee rings for leg straps
  • Any trim colors/layout

No Charge Options for Stable Clothes:

  • Crossed surcingles instead of straight ones on winter stable blankets or sheets.
  • Straight surcingles instead of crossed on baker blankets (custom only)
  • 5” wide Belly band instead of surcingles
  • 1 front surcingle only instead of two

Most Requested Custom Options for Stable Clothes:

Description: Price:
Satin shoulders & Fleece at Wither – when sheet is made +54.00
-when added to a previously finished sheet +71.25
Satin with no Fleece +39.00
Fleece with no Satin +24.25
Elastic leg straps (pair) +38.50
Gusset added in shoulder area of sheet +55.25
Gusset added in shoulder area of blanket +63.00

This lists the most common options, please call if you need something you do not see here.