Trunk Covers

We have measurements on file for most major trunk manufacturers. If your trunk is custom made or you do not know the manufacturer, we will need measurements. See enclosed trunk measurement sheet for exactly which measurements we need for each kind of box.

BASIC (quilted and padded on top)

Description: Price:
Large Trunk (36″ & up width) $157.50
Medium Trunk (32″-35.75″ width) 141.50
Small Trunk (under 32″ width) 135.00


DELUXE (padded on 3 sides, lined everywhere)
Deluxe Trunk slide

Description: Price:
Large Trunk 202.50
Medium Trunk 193.00
Small Trunk 189.75
Saddle Trunk 215.50
Large Vertical Trunk *includes Velcro along back handle and side 394.50


Zipper Covers slide

Description: Price:
Large 228.25
Medium 223.00
Small 218.50


Options: (on any size trunk)

Description: Price:
Trim around the bottom 36.00
Flaps over handles 25.25


Other Box Covers and Bags:
Other Box covers and bags

Description: Price:
Bandage Box Cover / Slant Top Grooming Box Cover / Wall Box Cover 159.00
Saddle Rack Bag 136.50
Bridle Rack and Martingale Rack Bags 119.50
Wall Plaque & Picture Bags 136.50
Chair Carry Bags 136.50
Saddle Carry Bag 136.50
Boot Bags (2 boots in 1 bag, or 1 bag for each boot) 105.50
Coat Bag with Outside Pockets 116.25
Coat Bag with Gusset 131.25
Hat Carry Bag 64.00
Bridle Carry Bag 116.25
Saddle Dust Covers (tailored or elastic edged) 74.50
Leg Wraps any size (12″, 14″, 15″, 16″, 18″ width by 42″ length) – (custom sizes also available – same price per wrap) 23.00 each
Outer Flannel wraps 10oz. cotton flannel 7.50 each plain – $10.50 each with velcro


Assorted Miscellaneous Items:

Jumper Pads
*prices include custom trim if desired

Description: Price:
Standard pads (assorted manufacturers available) 61.50
Baby pads – plain 15.50
Baby pad package deal: 12 pads with one color monograms each (pads and monograms must be identical) 282.50
Baby pads – trimmed 19.75

Horse Laundry Bags

Description: Price:
Large Laundry Bags – 5′ x 3′ 51.00
Small Laundry Bags – 2′ x 3′ 42.50